Hog Tiki War God - SOLD OUT!

Hog Tiki War God - SOLD OUT!

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[40T28] 40" Hog War God Tiki Statue
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Each of our Tikis have been carefully hand-carved by an experienced artist and will have subtle differences from the one displayed in the photograph.

Details about the statue:

Weight: 100 lbs.
Height: 40"
Width: 9"
Max Girth: 28"
Made of: Wood (Palm)
Additional Comments:

It is hand carved and features realistic facial features and presence.

This tiki is burned for more definition.
Tiki Statues have been a form of communication across all cultures.

They replicate humans and depict a part of who we all are.

In Polynesian culture, they sometimes believed they were with the spirit of the statue.
Whether or not statues have hypnotic powers that can protect us from the world of the spirit is hard to prove, but this hand carved statue is intriguing...