Large Diameter Bamboo Poles
Large Diameter Bamboo Poles

Large Diameter Bamboo Poles

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Large Diameter Bamboo Poles
Model Number: 2" to 6"

SIZE (Length x Diameter)

 10' x 2"

$12.00(we don't split)
10' x 3"
$27.00(split $34.00)

10' x 4"

10' x 5"

$30.00(split $37.00)

$46.00(split $60.00)

10' x 6"
$59.00(split $62.00)


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Made of: Bamboo.
Beautiful and Durable. The factory that makes the bamboo has been manufacturing bamboo since 1992. Our concerns have always been focused on workmanship and quality. As a result we believe we have found a company that is one of the best. Tensile strength of the bamboo is about 28,000 per square inch while the tensile strength of steel alloys is 23,000. Will experience natural cracking... Please read our policy regarding our bamboo products.


• 2. 8 FEET AND 10 FEET POLES ARE SHIPPED BY A FREIGHT TRUCKING COMPANY. We have defaulted the average shipping for a standard bundle for these sizes which is approx $199 for 8' and $270 for 10'. There are many variables that can affect the shipping such has the amount of poles(which can make the freight cost effective) and your address. Please call us for the large sizes, so we can get quote from the freight trucking companies and make sure you are getting the lowest price.




Large Diameter Bamboo Poles