Tropical Tikis Bamboo

Bamboo is an amazingly versatile wood. A short list of items you can create from bamboo includes furniture, fencing, and torches.

If you are looking to create a tropical-themed bar area, consider using bamboo furniture (get bamboo furniture). The possibilities are endless. Imagine treating your guests to a drink at your bamboo bar, and then directing them to your bamboo patio set. Of course, helping to protect your guests from the hot sun would be a thatched umbrella made from bamboo. Place some bamboo chairs and bamboo end tables by the pool so your guests can relax and dip their toes into the cool, inviting water. Talk about a tropical paradise!

Of course, no tropical party would be complete without bamboo torches. Bamboo torches from come in several sizes. You can place a smaller bamboo torch on each table to create that perfect ambience. Or you could mark a path to your tropical bar with standing bamboo torches. provides two different heights for their standing bamboo torches: 36" and 72". Bamboo torches add a soft, romantic glow to any tropical gathering.

Use bamboo fencing to hide the unsightly pool filter from your guests. Or maybe you have a dog run you want hidden from view…bamboo fencing is the perfect alternative. Or use the fencing to create a makeshift changing area. Use bamboo fencing in your house to hide a corner of the house that isn't quite "party ready!" Essentially, bamboo fencing can be used in any number of ways…be creative!

As the party winds down, escort your guests indoors to gush over your bamboo bookshelves and the bamboo highchair where your baby enjoys his daily meals. Or guide them to the bamboo coat rack where they can retrieve their jackets and purses. Point out the unusual bamboo tiki lamp hanging on your wall! This unique bamboo wall lamp is sure to spark some interesting conversation!

Each of these items and more are available at You can choose from a wide selection of bamboo furniture, fencing, and torches. Or, you can choose to build your own bamboo furniture by purchasing raw bamboo material. Either way, you are sure to meet all your needs by visiting