Tropical Tiki Statues

Whether you are a fan of the tropics or you enjoy the history behind tropical art, you will be intrigued by tiki statues. Each tiki statue tells a story. Some even believe that the statues carried a spirit and were God-like.

In ancient Polynesian history, many tiki statues were placed outside the doors of temples and other sacred places. It was believed that these statues warded off evil spirits before entering the structure. Tiki statues have lost their allure in that sense, but are now seen more and more in homes and tropical-themed bars as decoration.

Most tiki statues are hand-carved, so no two statues are exactly the same. This makes each tiki statue unique and beautiful. And what a conversation piece! Having a few of these tiki statues as a part of your décor is sure to spark some interesting banter! You can even create an entire story surrounding your tiki statue that can be spun and embellished throughout the years!

How much fun would it be to start a collection of tiki statues (purchase tiki statues)? By proudly displaying them in your home, you are showing your whimsical side! Besides, many believe that tiki statues bring good luck and good fortune. Having several tiki statues amassed in a collection certainly can't be a bad thing!

Tiki statues also make great gifts! Since they are so unique in nature, they are sure to be the hit of any party. Imagine the surprise of the birthday girl as she opens this clever and unusual present! Half the fun of receiving a tiki statue as a gift is giving it a name and creating a history for the tiki statue. Tiki statues come in many shapes and sizes. offers statues from 10" tall up to 60" tall. All are hand-carved from the finest selection of wood. Some tiki statues are designed with a purpose…for example, you can choose from the Love God statue, the God of Prosperity statue or a variety of Lucky statues. Regardless, each tiki statue is created with loving care and is sure to provide years of pleasure. Tiki statues can be whimsical, serious, or soothing. Choose the tiki statue to suit your mood from