Tropical Tiki Signs

Have you been looking for that perfect addition to your home décor? Or maybe you have a bar built around a tropical theme and are looking for that final touch? Tiki signs are a perfect way to customize your space and express your creativity.

The tiki signs at come in three different sizes; 10", 20" and 30". Each sign is handcrafted on wood, and can have one of several sayings on it. For example, you can welcome your guests to your home with "Aloha" emblazed across a sign. Or you can proudly show off your affinity for Jimmy Buffett with a "Parrothead" sign!

Tiki signs come in a number of arrangements. You can have a basic tiki sign with just the words you want, or you can choose to add some flair by having dolphins or turtles "jump" out of the sign! Signs from even have some color to them, which can only enhance your décor.

Tiki signs (get tiki signs.) truly are a unique way to express yourself. Your friends will all be clamoring to know where you got that "cool" sign! You can point them to, where there is a vast selection of signs ripe for the choosing! At, you simply choose the size of tiki sign you want, and then decide which saying you want on the sign and which configuration you want, and you're good to go! Once the tiki sign arrives, choose that perfect spot to display it and you'll be the envy of all your friends.

Tiki bar signs are a must have for any tropical display. Not only do they add that final touch, but they also create the perfect ambience for that perfect party. Imagine…the glow of the fire pit in the fading sun as you and your friends are sitting at your tiki bar with a tiki sign proudly displaying the words "Tiki Bar" on it. The glow of the fire on the wood of the tiki sign brings out the natural sheen of the wood, which only enhances the mood of the party.

To create that perfect ambience, check out and find that perfect tiki sign to suit your needs.