Tropical Tiki Mugs

How often have you gone to a bar, ordered a beer, and receive that beer in your standard beer mug? Pretty typical stuff. Now, imagine that beer being delivered to you in a tiki mug! Not only will you have your beverage of choice, but now it will be served in a mug that is sure to spark many conversations!

Tiki mugs are somewhat unusual, though you can go to just about any tiki bar and find them. Tiki mugs can be as small as shot glasses or large enough to hold 18 oz. of your favorite tropical beverage. You can even wake up to tiki mug filled with hot coffee!

Tiki mugs (purchase tiki mugs.) depict tikis that are known to have spiritual powers. Each tiki has a different power. For example, you can have a tiki mug that is fashioned after the God of War. Or a "Lucky" tiki mug, which provides luck to those who possess it. Tiki mugs can also depict images of hula girls or surfer dudes riding a wave.

A Tiki mug is typically made from red clay, and then glazed and fired to give it that glossy look. Some are hand-painted to enhance the topical "look and feel" of the mug. has a huge selection of mugs for the choosing. Tiki mugs from range in size from shot glasses on up to tiki mugs that will hold 18 oz. of liquid.

Tiki mugs make a great addition to any tropical-themed party. Imagine sitting down at a tiki bar, ordering a margarita, and having it delivered in a tiki mug! The tiki depicted on your tiki mug is sure to spark a conversation with others who are intrigued by the intricate design and uniqueness of the tiki mug. Before you know it, you're the hit of the party!

Tiki mugs also make for great gifts! Imagine the surprise as your brother opens his own set of tiki mugs you purchased from as a Christmas present. Remind him that tiki mugs are the gift that keeps on giving. Each time he hosts a party, those tiki mugs will provide endless hours of entertainment. Remind him also…he who holds the tiki mugs must buy the first round!