Tropical Tiki Masks

Any tropical-themed room wouldn't be complete without a tiki mask. They add a sense of mystery and intrigue as each tiki mask is unique.

Tiki masks essentially represent a Polynesian God. This is what makes them so interesting and unique. Some are named after the God they represent, but most are left open to interpretation. Some have simple titles such as "Tribal Mask," whereas others are more ambiguous, such as "Tahitian Mask." Regardless, all tiki masks have an air of mystery surrounding them.

Tiki masks make for fantastic conversation pieces. Each one has a unique personality. Each tiki mask seems to have a story to tell, or you can make up a story surrounding your mask! Many people name their mask and give create stories about warriors and spirits and how their tiki mask prevailed over all!

Some believe that tiki masks have spiritual powers and hang them in specific places in their homes to ward off evil spirits. Some believe that they are good luck or bring good fortune. Many have tiki masks in their homes to complete a tropical themed decor, or to add a certain sense of "mystery" to their home.

Tiki masks (purchase tiki masks) also make fantastic gifts. Since each tiki mask can tell a story, imagine the fun your friends will have creating a history behind their newly acquired mask. The hours of enjoyment spent making up a complete persona for their new wooden friend is endless. The stories can evolve and change over time. What a great and unique gift!

Unlike Halloween masks, tiki masks are not mean to be worn; rather they are to be displayed prominently on the wall. Tiki masks are not toys and shouldn't be treated as such. Tiki masks are works of art and were crafted by artists who have expressed themselves through each mask.

Tiki masks from come in many shapes and configurations. You can also select the size you want. Sizes range from 12", 20", 40", and 60". All are handcrafted and made of fine wood. No two masks are the same, which makes it totally unique…no one else will have exactly what you have.