Palapa Kits

Have you thought about adding an outdoor seating area, such as a palapa kit, to your yard or poolside? You can add a tropical touch to your home with palapa kits that are made from wood and palm-leaf thatch. They provide you with shade so that you and your guests can relax outdoors without the dangerous effects of exposure to the bright sun.

While it's possible to build a palapa kit on your own, this would take a considerable amount of time. You would need to prepare the lumber that you would use to create the frame of the palapa. You would also need to assemble a thatch roof. Instead of spending many hours, if not days, building your palapa, you can have it assembled in just a fraction of that time with one of the palapa kits from Tropical Tikis.

Palapa Kits You Can Assemble

Our palapa kits include everything that you need to add a palapa to your home, including the thatch roof, lumber, and hardware. The roofs of our palapa kits are expertly woven by hand. We also offer a palapa kit that includes matching tables and chairs.

If you are comfortable working with wood, you may have a more elaborate palapa in mind. After building the frame on your own, you can construct the roof using our thatch. You can choose rolls or sheets of palm thatch, depending on the size of the palapa that you have built.