Mainlanders History and Mega Tiki Stores Locations

Mainlanders (Tropical Tikis) has been an online retailer since 2004. We have been a direct importer of bamboo containers from China, Thatch from Mexico, and Tiki Decor from Indonesia. What has set us apart is our in-house carvers. We can customize, carve and build anything you want just by looking at your drawing. We have focused more on providing customers one of a kind tikis and products such as pub tables, fountains, chairs and in general custom work that is unique. In 2007 we opened our first retail store in San Diego California. The store was over 11,000 square feet and our goal was to make an experience for our customers not just a warehouse to buy things. In 2012 we opened a second retail location in the heart of Downtown San Diego. The goal of the stores was to show the uniqueness of Mainlanders, it's custom work. We were very proud of our stores, however the economy in San Diego could not sustain a store with such a niche market. We closed both stores in 2013 and focused primarily on internet, drop-shippers and wholesalers.  We can still customize and have the inventory we have in our store. We are looking for opportunities to relocate and creating a store in the future. Thank you for visiting,