Bamboo Tiki Bars

If you want to create a festive atmosphere at your next party, you may want to add a bamboo Tiki bar. Once your guests catch sight of the bar, they will surely have pina coladas, margaritas, and daiquiris on their minds. While you could spend your time building your own bamboo Tiki bars, you can save time (and probably frustration) by purchasing them from us at Tropical Tikis.

In our online store, you will find three different styles of bamboo Tiki bars. If you plan on standing behind the bar and whipping up drinks, you may prefer one of the styles that includes a roof. One design features a thatch roof, while the other includes a bamboo roof, so you can choose the style you most prefer.

Bamboo Tiki Bars You Can Move Easily

As an alternative to our bamboo Tiki bars that include roofs, we also have topless bamboo Tiki bars. Like our other bamboo Tiki bar kits, these include matching bamboo folding stools. This kit can be used indoors to contribute to the decor of your favorite room, and then taken outside whenever you are hosting a social gathering.

In addition to purchasing a bamboo Tiki bar, browse our selection of tropical-themed products you can use to liven up your party. From bamboo Tiki torches and glasses to lei kits, we have the largest selection of Tiki products on the Internet. We can process orders the same day that we receive them and have your purchase on its way to you for use at your next party.