All About Tikis

Tikis are a part of ancient history in the Polynesian culture. These little statues were known to have healing and spiritual powers, powers that could be used for good and evil. Each tiki has a story to tell. Tikis make a fabulous decoration for any tropical-themed home.

Tikis come in many shapes and sizes. Some tikis are small enough to fit into your pocket, whereas others are as large as an average-sized human is. In ancient history, the larger tikis stood as sentries to temples and other places of worship to ward off evil spirits. Many women would wear smaller tikis around their necks to guard against infertility. The powers possessed by tikis were taken very seriously by people in ancient Polynesian culture.

Essentially, for every malady that could befall a human, there is a tiki to protect or guard against it. For example, there are tikis for luck and tikis for love. There are also tikis portraying the God of Money…who knows, maybe you can win the lottery with this tiki statue! And it certainly can't hurt to have a few tikis around for good luck!

Tikis are also portrayed in mugs and in shields. Tiki mugs add an extra special touch to any tropical-themed party! Think about the conversations you can spark with the tikis portrayed on each mug! Tikis are fun to have around, but on a mug, the fun continues with each and every sip of your tropical drink! Tiki shields are large tikis carved on wooden shields. Tiki shields can be hung on your walls to enhance your tropical or Polynesian décor.

A fun way to decorate your yard is with a tiki fountain! Tiki fountains, such as the one on, can take your boring backyard and make it into a showplace! A tiki fountain provides whimsy and mystique as it quietly bubbles the water into a receptacle made from bamboo. This type of fountain can typically be seen in a tiki bar on Hawaii or in the Caribbean. Imagine having a tiki fountain in your own backyard!

Once you determine where you want to place tikis in your home and backyard, head over to and choose tikis from their huge selection of tiki products. Soon you will be in tiki paradise!